12+ Epic Things To Do In LA In 2 Days


In Los Angeles for a quick trip but not sure what to do? Check out our list of the best attractions to visit in the City of Angels. You’ll find not only great food but an artistic and glamorous culture that is impossible to experience in one day alone. And when you need somewhere to store your luggage to go on your adventures, Qeepl has you covered! Just sign into the app and enjoy a luggage-free weekend.

Los Angeles Hollywood Sign

If you’re looking for a great place to eat, Blu Jam Café is a Los Angeles staple. Offering a variety of egg, fish, and soup dishes; there is a very good reason why Blu Jam has blown up into one of the most popular brunch places in town. With 7 locations, all using locally sourced ingredients, you’ll get a great taste of what’s to come in your trip.

Blu Jam Cafe

After breakfast, hit up the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the morning the crowds are thinner, so you can appreciate the history of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Their website has a handy search tool so you can head straight to any stars you want to see without searching for several hours straight. If you’ve got time, you can even buy tickets to watch a movie at the TCL Chinese Theatre. There’s a reason it’s one of the most trafficked areas in the United States.

Walk of Fame

For lunch, hit up Highly Likely Café. With burritos, sandwiches, burgers, and seasonal items, there is sure to be something to everyone’s taste. And if you need an afternoon pick-me-up, they have a massive list of coffees, teas, and alcohol that you can try. Just don’t get too full, because there’s still a whole lot more fun planned.

Highly Likely Cafe

If you want to escape the afternoon heat, go to The Broad. Encased in the beautiful and unusual architecture is a plethora of works from artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Yayoi Kusama. You are sure to find some L.A. magic within their halls.

The Broad Museum

Hayato is a two-Michelin-star restaurant that has truly earned its praise. The precision in each dish makes them appear like works of art the deserve to hang in The Broad. The flavors will be unlike anything else you can find in L.A. and is worth every penny if you can get a seat.

Hayato Restaurant

Los Angeles is known for having a great nightlife. For those of you looking for something a little unusual, check out The Edison. With its speakeasy aesthetic and requirements to dress up, as well as a whole menu of unusual cocktails, you’ll find yourself never wanting to leave the swanky nightclub.

The Edison

Peach Café is a local secret just outside of the main downtown L.A. area. You’ll find uncomplicated food and a homestyle interior, and a staff that will make you feel welcome whether you’re a local or not.

Peach Cafe

Like the Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory and the adjacent Griffith Park is best visited in the morning before the afternoon crowds rush in. This iconic L.A. building boasts an amazing view of the city, including the famous Hollywood sign. And if you have any children with you, you won’t want to miss the spectacular planetarium inside the Observatory.

Griffith Observatory

Step into the industrial-chic building that is Tartine Bianco for an endless amount of sandwich combinations that are sure to leave you wanting more. Their bread is made fresh every day and you can even purchase loaves to take home with you, so go and show some love and support to this restaurant.

Tartine Bianco Bread

And now it’s time to hit the beach and get some sun! Zuma Beach, while not as well known as Venice Beach or Santa Monica Pier, is kept pristine and is just as amazing for swimming and tanning. Located in the wealthy neighborhood of Malibu, you’ll feel like you’re living a life of luxury without paying a dime, with less visitors than the famous beaches.

Zuma Beach

You can’t go to L.A. and miss out on the amazing Korean food that’s at Soban. This understated restaurant packs a punch with any dish you order. Plus, director Bong Joon Ho decided this is where he wanted to eat after winning his Best Director Oscar for Parasite. That’s a stamp of approval if I’ve ever seen one.


Finally, take a drive through Sunset Boulevard, located in West Hollywood. If you can catch a sunset during your drive, do it. The street may be crowded, but the view on the palm tree lined streets is a once in a lifetime opportunity. On top of that, there are dozens of clubs, restaurants, bars, and events that may pique your interest. But you’ll only know if you visit.

Sunset Boulevard

Almost a Disneyland Park in it of itself, this concert hall is a beauty to behold. You can take audio tours, or wander around the massive building and find all sorts of wondrous places. See if you can find the hidden garden without any help! If you’re lucky enough to be in town during one of their concerts or events, get a ticket and listen to the music in the unique acoustics.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

For the book nerds out there, this will be a treat for both your eyes and heart. Located in downtown L.A., the labyrinth of books will make it a joy to get lost in. Alongside the thousands of books, there is a café, record store, and maybe ghosts. Even if you don’t love books, the Book Tunnel makes a great Instagram shot.

The Last Bookstore

Take a leisurely walk through Beverly Gardens Park, located in Beverly Hills. In it you’ll find many statues, ponds, and a replica Beverly Hills Signs. Pack a lunch and have a picnic among the gorgeous greenery.

Beverly Gardens Park