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Where can I store luggage in Boston?

If you are on a short trip, traveling to Boston, waiting for a late flight or train after check-out, and do not want to drag your luggage around, Qeepl Luggage Storage Points offers secure storage spaces. Bags, suitcases, backpacks, and even your coat are all securely stored until you want to retrieve them. You don't have to walk around Boston with your belongings anymore!

Qeepl offers the most flexible and time-saving Luggage Storage solution in Boston. Access our website or mobile application to find and book Luggage Storage near you. Every booking is covered with $1000 worth of insurance, free cancelation, and online support. The price is only $4.90 per 24h/bag

How to store your luggage in Boston

Qeepl's online booking system helps you find the nearest luggage storage point in Boston to your current location. Locate and pick the desired storage point in a few clicks using our website or mobile app.

Following that, you will receive booking details, including the complete address and confirmation number. If you change your mind, no worries. You can cancel your booking before checking in.

Then come and show the booking details to our team while checking in. Enjoy your luggage-free day in Boston!


Best Luggage Storage in Boston 2022

Are you looking for where to **store luggage in Boston**? Of course, as a tourist or businessperson in the city, you want to find out more about the city. But, at the same time, you want to make sure that your properties, especially your luggage, are in safe hands.

You can be confident that storing and keeping your luggage wouldn’t be a problem because there are several options you want to use to achieve that.

In this guide, you will learn more about Boston, as well as the different places to leave your luggage in Boston.

Before we get into other things, let us learn a couple of things about Boston. That way, you will better appreciate this city and have a swell time during your stay here.

Boston is the most populous city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. It also doubles as the capital of those mentioned above.

The first fact about Boston is that it was named after a relatively small town in England. It is not the first city named after a city in England because many older American cities were also named after some cities in England.

Second, Boston derived the nickname “Beantown” because the town’s early settlers loved baked beans in molasses.

Third, Boston is home to Harvard, founded in 1636 – and was the first college in North America.

There are many other interesting facts about Boston, including the John Hancock tower that predicts the weather and the banning of Christmas celebrations between 1659 and 1681.

Now, let us show you some of the luggage storage locations in Boston to leave your luggage and attend to your other concerns in the town.

We will start with Boston airports, one of the best locations for tourists and locals to leave luggage in Boston.

Storing your luggage at Boston airports is a brilliant idea. Besides, we recommend you consider this option to leave luggage in Boston if you would be traveling soon. That way, you wouldn’t have to drag your luggage to and from your hotel to the airport when you want to travel.

We understand that you are not sure of how to store your luggage at major airports in Boston, such as Logan International Airport (KBOS) at East Boston, Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (KMHT) at Manchester, New Hampshire, or Worcester Regional Airport (KORH) at Worcester, Massachusetts. That is why you can hire Qeepl services because we are a great alternative to storing your luggage at the airports.

We streamline the entire luggage storage process by offering you the most affordable costs for luggage storage. We don’t cut down on the prices because the quality of service we deliver is way above the price you will pay to store your luggage with us.

Besides, we have different storage points near most of the airports in Boston and downtown. That way, you will find it easier to lock up your luggage and fetch it when you need it back.

The service charge for using a left luggage locker service at Boston airports is between $25 and $30 a day, but the spaces are almost booked.

However, you can use our service Qeepl; we have several partners in different parts of Boston. Our partners include hostels, bars, shops, and hotels. The mission of Qeepl is to offer you and other tourists and locals the opportunity to store luggage at the most convenient location. As a result, your bags are safe, secured, and you don’t have to spend time traveling to the storage point.

Guess where many locals and tourists want to leave luggage in Boston before enjoying their layover? Train stations!

This is because there are several available spaces to store items in train stations, including luggage. So, if you are looking for the best place for luggage storage in Boston, it has to be at any of the popular train stations. We can help you because we offer cheaper and convenient luggage near the popular train stations in Boston.

Understandably, you have lots of options to choose from. For example, which of the train stations offer the best luggage storage service? And how much will it cost to store your luggage there?

We understand that you need help to find the best and reliable train stations with luggage storage services and ensure that your luggage is stored securely.

Of course, several companies can take care of your location at the train stations. A majority of them are located at Boston South Station. So, we will let you know some of these storage service providers and an idea of what their charges look like.

  • Teddy Ballgames. Teddy Ballgames is one company that allows you to store your luggage at Boston South Station. You can find them at the top of the escalator in the main lobby of the South Station. They charge $10 and $15 per luggage you want to store. However, have in mind that the charge is for 24 hours.

  • Amtrak. Amtrak is a railway service that also offers luggage storage services. You can locate them at 700 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02110. You will pay between $10 and $15 per luggage every 2 hours. It can be hectic dragging your luggage down to the train station only to find out that none of the lockers are open.

  • Qeepl. Why don’t you let us do the work for you? Qeepl has several luggage storage points scattered around most train stations, including North Station, South Station, and Downtown Crossing subway station. And the cost of storage is relatively cheap – just $5.90 a day per bag!

All you have to do is to book our service online, come and drop off your luggage!

Greyhound bus stations are also ideal places to leave luggage in Boston. You may be looking to find available spaces in any of the several luggage lockers in any of the bus stations in Boston.

It will interest you to know that we have several luggage storage stations secured with most of our partners in Boston South Station. So you can have a swell time in any of the tourist locations in South Station while we take care of your luggage.

Some of the locations you want to visit are:

We also have additional luggage storage points in other Boston train stations. Some of the train stations where you can find us are:

We understand that you are looking for reliable and cheap luggage storage in Boston, where you can leave your bags and attend to your other businesses.

Qeepl is one of the most reliable and affordable companies receiving and handling the luggage of locals and tourists in Boston.

We are your best Boston luggage storage service provider:

📍 Our luggage storage points are located in the most comfortable areas in Boston.

🧳 We offer the most affordable luggage storage, starting from $5.90 a day per bag.

🏷 You will get a free tag for sealing your luggage.

🤝 Our luggage storage locations in Boston are vetted to ensure safety and trust.

Are you looking for the best places to stay in Boston City? Some of the best locations are:

  • Back Bay
  • Seaport District
  • North End
  • Waterfront
  • South End
  • Downtown

Are you feeling famished? Here are the best places to satisfy your taste buds:

  • Salumeria Italiana
  • Flour Bakery & Café
  • Myers and Chang
  • Neptune Oyster
  • Café Sushi
  • Italian Express Pizzeria
  • Mario’s Restaurant
  • Mistral and Tasting Counter

Boston City is one of the States in the United States that have top-rated tourist attractions. Some of them are:

Storing your luggage in Boston doesn’t have to be one of the most challenging tasks in the world because we have made it simpler for you.

All you have to do is search for the most convenient locations for your storage needs. Then, book our service online or via app and we will reserve a space for you, and then drop off your items with us to take care of them while you navigate Boston!

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