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Are you looking for secure luggage storage near Kremlin? We understand how much you enjoy getting around Moscow, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you!

Qeepl provides a practical and affordable solution for luggage storage near Kremlin. For 299₽ per 24h, you can store bag, suitcase, backpack or even jacket in one of our storage points in Moscow, including several places near Kremlin.

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Kremlin luggage storage 2022

Are you in the Kremlin District in Moscow, Russia? Well then, don’t forget to take a look around this beautiful place. Drenched in centuries of culture and charged with a powerful political past, Kremlin has much to offer to those who want to know its secrets.

Legacy of Kremlin

Located at the heart of Moscow city, Kremlin was once home to Soviet power. Today, it is still at the helm of Russian politics, serving as the residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

The Kremlin is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a palatial fortress built between 1482 & 1495. It is located in the iconic Red Square, Moscow’s oldest and one of Russia’s most political open squares. It is also the Moscow city center. For decades, the Kremlin and Red Square have been pivotal backdrops for the Russian Revolution and its myriad parades, riots, demonstrations, executions, and speeches.

The Kremlin building is a beautiful red brick building, housing an assortment of stunning palaces and churches. With architecture steeped in the 14th-17th Centuries, you’ll be transported to another universe when you visit here.

Qeepl - the trusted baggage storage in Kremlin, Moscow

Kremlin has many places that you absolutely must see before you head to your next destination. Missing out on Kremlin sights is like forgoing an opportunity to look back at an important moment in world history.

But walking around Kremlin with your bag and suitcase is a challenging thing. Most places don’t even allow you to enter the premises with your baggage. If you left luggage outside while you complete your visit, you put yourself at risk of theft. So, instead of lugging your luggage around, why not choose our Qeepl luggage storage Kremlin for help?

At Qeepl baggage storage, we have years of experience caring for travelers baggage in our storage points. You can leave your bag or suitcase with us, knowing that they are in safe hands. Our friendly staff will securely tie your baggage with a tag, ensuring it is tamper-proof. This tag is removed only when you return to our luggage storage facility to collect your belongings.

You can find Qeepl luggage storage Kremlin in many boutique hotels, restaurants, train stations, metro stations, and retail stores in Kremlin. Just book any luggage storage and enjoy your baggage-free day!

Must-see places in the Kremlin District, Russia

Now that you have dropped off your bag or suitcase with our Qeepl luggage storage Kremlin facility, you can visit the following places in the Kremlin District:

1. Ivan the Great Bell Tower

Ivan the Great Bell Tower is a building that is the pride and joy of Russia. Built at the turn of the 17th Century, it is 81 meters in height and offers expansive views of Moscow skyline. At the foot of the tower, you’ll find the legendary Tsar Bell. Weighing 200,000 kgs, it is the largest bell in the world. When it developed a crack a few decades ago, its function was changed from a time-telling apparatus to a chapel.

2. Grand Kremlin Palace

The Grand Kremlin Palace is the oldest in the Kremlin District. It was once the Tsar’s home and a center for Russian intrigue and political drama. The Temer Palace, The State Kremlin Palace, Palace of Facets, Poteshnyy Dvorets, Kremlin Senate, Episcopal Chamber, and the Small Nicholas Palace are other buildings of prominence for you to visit. Many of these were built in the 15th Century, making them old-world marvels.

3. Cathedrals of Kremlin

The Kremlin is home to some of the most magnificently built Cathedrals in the world. The Cathedral of the Assumption was built in the late 1490s and has been the place where Tsars are crowned since then. Even today, it is used for major political events that require divine blessings and is the most important Cathedral in Russia.

You also have the dazzlingly colorful St Basil’s Cathedral, with its iconic spiral spires. It can make for an excellent photo moment. There is also the Cathedral of the Annunciation, which also doubles as an art museum of sorts, thanks to paintings and sculptures by famous Russian artists that hang here. Finally, the Cathedral of the Archangel is the resting place of many renowned Russian leaders and is a building known for its unique architecture.

4. Lenin’s Mausoleum

Lenin’s Mausoleum is a reminder of Russia’s painful past. Here, you’ll be able to see the resting places of many powerful Soviet Leaders, including Lenin’s tomb. There are features that offer information about the Soviet Era and Lenin’s role in Russian history.

5. Armoury Chamber & Diamond Fund

Interested in seeing ancient Russian weaponry, royal furniture, jewelry, and artwork? If yes, the Armoury Chamber should be your first stop of the day. This museum is one of the oldest in Moscow and celebrates Russia from the 5th to the 20th centuries.

If you want to feast your eyes on more ancient jewelry, then the Diamond Fund will be an invaluable visit. The collection here includes the world’s largest diamond and incredibly rare pieces of metal jewelry.

6. Alexander Garden

A beautiful garden hosting endemic Russian flora, Alexander Garden has a powerful place in history. It is home to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Eternal Flame is also housed in the Alexander Garden, where it is tended to 24/7, 365 days, in memory of Russia’s long-dead comrades and their contribution to the war.

7. Red Square

Apart from all of the above places, the Red Square city center houses many smaller retail stores, world-class museums, and entertainment centers, where visitors can immerse themselves into Russian lifestyle. You also have the GUM here – which is Moscow’s most premium, luxury shopping center.

Delicious meals you need to try in Kremlin

All this exploration is bound to get you hungry. So before you head over to pick up your bags from our Qeepl luggage storage option, you can head over to any of these reputed restaurants in Kremlin, Moscow. Many of these places are located close to the railway station and metro station in Moscow, making it easier to get to your next destination:

1. Avocado Point

This young and hip restaurant whips us iconic Russian dishes, but with a contemporary twist. Vegetarians will certainly love Avocado for its meat-free options.

2. Bosco Café

Just 5 minute walk from St Basil’s and located inside the GUM, Bosco Café is at the heart of Kremlin. This fine-dining restaurant is renowned for its gourmet continental breakfast and dinners. It offers the most spectacular vistas of the Kremlin District. Plus, its luxury amenities are something you will not forget in a hurry.

3. Café Chekhov

Café Chekhov has the patronage of the Who’s Who of Russia. This in itself makes this hotel a fabulous place to visit. You’re sure to find a Russian celebrity or a politician having a meal here during your dinnertime visit.

4. Café Russe

Extremely chic and young, Café Russe is perfect if you’re looking for a fun nightlife spot where you can unwind at the end of the day. You also get access to complimentary wireless internet access over here, and you can share your photos of enjoying the Kremlin with your loved ones.

5. Grand Café Dr. Zhivago

With a Soviet-Era theme, Grand Café Dr. Zhivago will take you on a phenomenal gastronomical journey that is drenched in the past.

6. Khinkalnaya

When it comes to rustic, home-style Russian meals, no hotel does it better than Khinkalnaya. If you want to taste true Russian dishes, visit Khinkalnaya.

Qeepl luggage storage Kremlin

At Qeepl, we offer an extremely affordable baggage storage facility in Kremlin in Moscow, Russia. It is a mere five-minute walk from many of the important sites. Our friendly staff can take care of your bag and suitcase while you enjoy the sights the Kremlin has to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, find our Qeepl luggage storage Kremlin and drop your baggage off with us at the nearest storage point!