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Leningradsky Railway Station luggage storage 2022

Leningradsky Railway station, situated on Komsomolskaya Square north of Moscow’s center, is named after its provision to offer a direct rail to St. Petersburg, known as Leningrad during the Soviet era. Leningradsky is an important part of Russia’s national rail system because it connects the country’s two most major cities.

Leningradsky station has a long history dating back to Tsarist Russia in 1844. It was originally named Peterburgsky and was built at Emperor Nicholas I’s request. Petersburg was Imperial Russia’s capital, and it was also one of the first cities in the country to receive a railway line. When the Emperor died five years later, the station opened, it was renamed Nikolayevsky in his honor.

The Bolshevik administration renamed the station again in 1924. In celebration of the October Revolution, they changed it to Oktyabrsky. It was renamed to its current one in 1937. Although Leningrad is now known as St. Petersburg, the station has kept its Soviet-era moniker.

The station retains its great 19th-century design and serves as a vital link between different Eastern European towns and Petersburg. The rail line between Russia’s former and present capitals renowned itself as the country’s busiest.

Although Leningradsky is a little off the traditional Moscow tourist path, it remains a popular destination because of its quick rail to Petersburg. Furthermore, whether you’re on a short trip or a longer journey, there are many lesser-known but worthwhile sights in the region around the station.

Locate a Luggage storage Leningradsky Railway station to make your travel easier. Qeepl has a safe and secure luggage locker to store your baggage and large suitcase easily. Storing Luggage Leningradsky Railway Station will let you enjoy your trip more conveniently.

Qeepl’s baggage storage and luggage room will keep your bags safe until you need them. Stop searching for a left luggage facility in the nearest metro train station when you have us right around the corner. Our luggage storage locker facilities will let you store your bag or suitcase.

Also, don’t worry about locating left luggage lockers since you can find Qeepl baggage storage at a convenient location near Leningradsky Railway Station.

Parking costs 300 rubles at the Leningradsky train station. You can park for free for fifteen minutes, and then it starts charging you.

The pricing of parking on the remaining sites of the Leningradsky railway station is as follows:

  • front part - free for the first fifteen minutes, then 150 rubles;

  • distant sites - free for the first five minutes, then 100 rubles per hour.

● The Leningradsky line to St. Petersburg is the most well-known, although it also connects Moscow to Finland, Helsinki, Estonia, Tallinn, and other Eastern European cities.

● Moscow Metro lines 1 and 5 service Komsomolskaya Metro station, which is located right outside Leningradsky Station.

● Trams 50, 37, 13 and 7 stop outside the station. You’ll be able to link routes 122 and 40 with the bus system.

The railway station has mother and child rooms and toilets.

Let us look at some of the most astounding places near Leningradsky Railway Station.

● The Apothecary Garden is a great place to stretch your legs. This little municipal park, just a short walk from the railway station, has a botanical garden rich in tropical plants.

● The VL Pushkin House Museum is a museum dedicated to a Russian literary icon. Alexander Pushkin, Russia’s national poet, did not dwell here, but his uncle did, and the poet came here frequently. The mansion has now turned into a museum, dedicated to the great writer and a testament to his continuing influence on Russian literature.

● The Vodka Museum is a great place to learn about Russia’s national drink. The strong spirit is an important element of Russian culture, and in this one-of-a-kind museum, you can learn about the history of vodka. You can also try the samples of a variety of vodkas from across the country.

Want to have your meal before boarding the train? Here are a few places you should not miss.

A wonderful cafe is hard to come by at a railway station, and Hleb Nasushny is no exception. However, it is the best place in Leningradsky to eat “Pierogi” or soups.

This TGIF, located inside Leningradsky Station, serves its usual menu. However, the quantities are less than those seen in the United States or Europe. But, the food is delicious.

IL Patio is an Italian restaurant chain that bakes fresh pasta, pizza, and other traditional Apennine Peninsula meals every day. Tiramisu, bruschetta, soups and mussels, and steaks and spaghetti are just a few dishes on the menu.

Cleanliness and with a lot of space in Varenichnaya, the interior and kitchen have been created in the Soviet-style. The menu is large, with plenty of options. You should try the dumplings with varied contents ranging from meat that comes in dessert-like fillings to sweet taste. Indeed, it is one of the restaurant’s best highlights.

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