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Sheremetyevo Airport luggage storage 2022

**The Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport in Sheremetyevo** is one of four international airports serving [Moscow](	). It is Russia's busiest airport as well as Europe's fifth busiest airport. Sheremetyevo Airport, originally established as an airbase for the military, was transformed in 1959 into an airport for civilians and named after Alexander Pushkin, a Russian poet in a 2019 contest. This large airport, 18 miles northwest of Moscow, is where most of the city's international visitors arrive.

A second terminal was erected at the airport when Russia hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics. During the 1990s and 2000s, Sheremetyevo saw increased passenger numbers as the Soviet Union disintegrated and Russia opened up to the west. The airport opened Terminals 3 and 4 in 2007 and 2009, respectively. In honor of Russia’s national poet Alexander Pushkin in 2019, the airport was renamed on the 220th anniversary of his birth. However, the majority of people still refer to the airport as Sheremetyevo.

If you are here for a short trip and don’t want to drag your luggage around, Qeepl offers luggage storage for your bags near Sheremetyevo.

Visit the beautiful place without baggage and hands-free by safely storing your bag and luggage at Qeepl’s luggage storage Sheremetyevo.

The Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport provides ample parking, with each terminal having its parking lot. ‘Express parking close to terminal F,’ ‘Parking next to terminal E,’ and ‘Parking next to terminal D’ are three well-known parking spaces. A parking structure (Multi-Level parking) is located near terminals D and E, while two parking lots are located in Terminal F.

You may find a shower in some of the public restrooms and the VIP lounge. The airport also has baby changing rooms.

The airport has unlimited and free WiFi service. Except for Terminal F, there are plenty of seats, and most of them have armrests. If you want to sleep on the floor, there is a carpeted area between terminal D and terminal E; alternatively, bring a sleeping bag or comforters.

Visit these places if you are having some free time near Sheremetyevo.

● Visit the Khimki MEGA shopping mall for some retail therapy. Although Sheremetyevo has many different areas, the shopping area at Khimki is a must-see. This massive mall is a terrific location to pass some time and spend some money, with all the brands you’ve known of and a few you haven’t.

● Elk Island National Park offers a glimpse into Russia’s wilder side. This park, identified in Russian as Losiny Ostrov, was Russia’s second national park and one of the world’s largest to be located within a city. Despite its proximity to Moscow, the park is home to various Russian animals, including moose.

● At the Khimki Navy Museum, you may experience life under the sea. This intriguing museum houses itself within a real Soviet submarine and provides a full experience of what it was like to serve aboard one.

● Taking a walk along the Moscow-Volga Canal is a great way to spend some time. Built by prisoners in the 1930s, this huge canal connects the city to the country’s hinterland waterways. The areas near Moscow are ideal for a stroll and to stretch your legs.

● At the Stroganov Estate, you can see how the old Russian nobles lived. Before being taken by the state during the Russian Revolution, this old country estate belonged to the rich Stroganov family. The beautiful gardens have now turned into a park, while the mansion has converted to a wedding venue.

Want to satisfy your craving for some best food? Let’s look at the most amazing places to eat near Sheremetyevo.

The place serves excellent breakfasts, including chef’s special, tender omelet and cheesecakes. You can also have a business lunch at Shokoladnitsa. Enjoy a legendary dinner at the best price. Also, they serve the best coffee in the entire city.

IL Patio is an Italian restaurant chain that offers a range of other traditional Apennine Peninsula meals and bakes fresh pasta and pizza every day. Tiramisu, bruschetta, soups and mussels, and steak and spaghetti are just a few dishes on the menu.

Khleb & Sol is located at the Terminal F arrival area. The cafe serves various popular foods, including aromatic coffee with a delicious dessert, chicken wings with a chilled beer, a variety of pizzas, Russian dumplings with sour cream, and more. It provides quick and high-quality service.

Kroshka Kartoshka, located at Terminal F, is a popular Russian fast-food restaurant brand noted for its distinctive baked potato meals with various delectable ingredients.

Sheremetyevo Airport, as a large and busy airport, features all of the amenities you’d expect. Few people, meanwhile, consider the airport to be a destination in and of itself. Instead, it is only a means of getting to Moscow. However, if you look around, there are a few things to do around Sheremetyevo that are well worth your time.

So drop your baggage and bag or suitcase at our luggage storage. Visit the nearby airport places if you are on a long stay and have enough time to board your next flight. With baggage storage near you, you don’t have to be worried about the safety of your luggage. Qeepl’s baggage storage is secured and affordable. So, be assured that your baggage and suitcase are safe here.

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All you have to do is let us know the location of your current place. We will help locate the nearest Qeepl’s luggage storage to you. Book your nearest storage, leave your bags safely, and proceed to your meeting or trip until you check-in back at your hotel.

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