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4.77 (789 reviews)

Where can I store luggage in Oaxaca?

If you are on a short trip, traveling to Oaxaca, waiting for a late flight or train after check-out, and do not want to drag your luggage around, Qeepl Luggage Storage Points offers secure storage spaces. Bags, suitcases, backpacks, and even your coat are all securely stored until you want to retrieve them. You don't have to walk around Oaxaca with your belongings anymore!

Qeepl offers the most flexible and timesaving Luggage Storage solution in Oaxaca. Access our website or mobile application to find and book Luggage Storage near you. Every booking is covered with MX$20,000 worth of insurance, free cancelation, and online support. The price is only MX$99 per 24h/bag

How to store your luggage in Oaxaca

Qeepl's online booking system helps you find the nearest luggage storage point in Oaxaca to your current location. Locate and pick the desired storage point in a few clicks using our website or mobile app.

Following that, you will receive booking details, including the complete address and confirmation number. If you change your mind, no worries. You can cancel your booking before checking in.

Then come and show the booking details to our team while checking in. Enjoy your luggage-free day in Oaxaca!


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If Oaxaca is your next city to visit, this article is for you!

In it you will find different options to store luggage in Oaxaca and not have to worry about it. Also, we give you some recommendations for transportation, places, restaurants and hotels, so you can get to know the city and discover all the treasures it has.

Oaxaca is a city located in the center of Mexico and is distinguished by its beautiful colonial buildings. Wherever you go, you will find new reasons to marvel at its culture, art, gastronomy and tradition.
During your visit, remember to visit the historic center, also known as the “Verde Antequera” for its buildings made of green quarry. There you will observe the live elaboration process of local handicrafts such as alebrijes and embroidery. You can also meet the famous “marchantes”, merchants who walk around with their baskets selling “chapulines”, chili peppers, tortillas, among other typical foods. Take advantage of the moment and discover new Mexican flavors.

If you are planning to visit Oaxaca during July, you can’t miss the Guelaguetza. It is an event that takes place every year to celebrate the feast of the Virgen del Carmen and is held on the two Mondays following July 16, the feast day. During the days of the celebration there are parades, presentations of traditional dances from the eight regions of Oaxaca, cultural, social and sporting events. Participate in this great party!

Where to store luggage in Oaxaca

Need to store your luggage somewhere safe while visiting Oaxaca?

Qeepl will take care of storing your luggage safely and securely at an affordable price. Thanks to the luggage storage spaces located in our luggage lockers, you will be able to store your luggage or any other item. Each of your belongings will be insured and stored for as long as you need it. In addition, you can store luggage of any size, we have no restrictions.

The process you must follow to store your luggage is very simple. First, you must log in to our website or mobile application. There you will be able to search, find and reserve the locker that best suits your needs.

Once you have made your reservation, you will receive the details of your booking, including the address where you will store your belongings as well as the confirmation number. On the day of your reservation, you will only need to show the details we have sent you to store your luggage.

The authorized Qeepl locations where you can store your luggage in Oaxaca are:


In order to move around the city and get to know the incredible city of Oaxaca, we share with you the means of transportation that you can use on your trip.

The most common means of transportation are the city bus and the CityBus, the latter, unlike the former, is more spacious and comfortable.

In addition, you can also make use of the city cabs, or use a transportation app such as Uber or DiDi.

If you are at the Oaxaca airport and need some means of transportation, you can make use of the aforementioned or opt to rent a car at the airport facilities or make a reservation at Oaxaca shuttle, which is a private transportation service.

Places to visit

  • Former convent of Santo Domingo de Guzman. A work of the Dominicans and indigenous people of the 16th and 17th centuries, this former convent enhances the pre-Hispanic and religious art of that time. Currently, it is the Museum of the Cultures of Oaxaca and in it you can learn about the different stages of the history of Oaxaca.

  • November 20th Market. Joy, flavors and traditions is what you will find in this market located three blocks from the historic center. You will be able to taste typical Oaxacan dishes such as the seven traditional moles, the famous tlayudas and other delicious foods.

  • Ethnobotanical garden of Oaxaca. Hundreds of species of plants native to Oaxaca are found in this garden that is part of the former convent of Santo Domingo de Guzman. In fact, the land where the garden is currently located was once the convent’s vegetable garden. Visit the garden to see the great variety of vegetation that exists in Oaxaca.

  • El Agua Boil. In this place, millions of years ago petrified waterfalls were formed due to the runoff of carbonated water. Nowadays it is a very visited place due to the impressive scenery of the place. In addition, you can spend a pleasant time and immerse yourself in the water of the spring that gives rise to the waterfall.

The best restaurants

  • Los Danzantes. Visit this restaurant with an elegant, yet comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Here you can enjoy delicious Mexican food while contemplating the beauty of the architectural design of its patio.

  • Tierra del Sol**. Mixtec food restaurant prepared with traditional recipes and ingredients from Oaxaca. Don’t forget to try the delicious flavors of Oaxaca in this place, you will want to come back.

  • The fifteen letters**. Try the dishes of authentic traditional Oaxacan cuisine in this famous restaurant in the city. You can taste the different types of mole, such as black, coloradito and almendrado, which are the most popular.

  • Maguey and corn. Food that comes from the fields, the market, the sea and above all, the love for Mexico, is what you will find in this beautiful restaurant located in the historic center of Oaxaca.

Places to stay

Still don’t have a place to stay?

We recommend the following hotel options, which are very well located so you can easily move from one place to another without any inconvenience.

  • Grand Fiesta Americana Oaxaca

  • Hotel city centro

  • Quinta Real

Are you ready with your bags?

Get ready to tour the beautiful city of Oaxaca now that you have all the information you need to do so. We hope you enjoy our recommendations for transportation, places, restaurants and hotels and that your visit to Oaxaca will be an adventure.

If you need to store luggage in Oaxaca, don’t forget to make your reservation at Qeepl, your belongings will be in good hands.

Enjoy your trip!


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