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Times Square, где оставить багаж?

Times Square - место, где вам нужна камера хранения? Мы можем помочь!

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Камера хранения багажа Times Square 2022

![Times Square New York luggage storage](https://d17uxijbwk9zyb.cloudfront.net/ueLEOX.jpeg)

Times Square is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike at all times of the year, thanks to its vibrant crowd and energizing atmosphere. Baggage storage near Times Square location becomes extremely important due to its central location in the city. With so many tourist attractions nearby, carrying luggage amid the crowd can be pretty inconvenient. Near Times Square, Qeepl’s instant luggage storage service can resolve your problem. You can enjoy sightseeing at these prime locations without any hassle by simply leaving your heavy suitcase, fragile baggage, or luggage in expert hands.

New York City’s Times Square is located in central Manhattan at 7th Avenue and Broadway. It is a major commercial, entertainment, and tourist center. The intersection of 42nd Street, 7th Avenue, and Broadway forms the square. Under Times Square is one of the busiest subway stations in New York City. The well-known city street region is most notable for its annual New Year’s Eve ball drop. Indeed it is one of the most famous sights.

It is home to top attractions such as Planet Hollywood, ABC’s Times Square Studios, and the Naked Cowboy. About 1.5 million people daily pass through Times Square in New York City! Times Square is a fairyland, with Central Park expanding as an urban oasis, Broadway glamour, and bright flashing lights all over the place.

To explore Times Square better, book luggage storage near Times Square with Qeepl, a leading Luggage Storage Company. We guarantee we can store your heavy suitcase and other belongings at our luggage storage points hassle-free.

There are innumerable places near Times Square to satisfy your hunger. Some of the most famous places include:

  • Hard Rock Cafe. Hard Rock Cafe New York, located in the heart of Times Square, will rock your senses with an amazing collection of music memorabilia and tantalizing drinks and food and drinks. Of course, the legendary steak burgers are a must-try.

  • Tony’s Di Napoli. Since 1959, Tony’s has served some of the best Old New York Italian favorites. Come with a big appetite and a large family to truly appreciate this restaurant. The portions are enormous, designed to serve two to three people.

  • Haru Sushi. If you want to have the best sushi in Times Square, look no further. Visit them at 229 W 43rd St in Manhattan, where they have a Midtown Haru Sushi location. You can lick your fingers with their lunch and dinner service. In addition, they also offer services such as happy hour, delivery, catering, group seating, private dining, sushi bar, and a cocktail bar, all just a few steps away from their Theatre District’s location.

  • Dos Caminos. Dos Caminos Times Square has a 40-seat mezcal and margarita bar on the street level, while the underground level has a guacamole bar. Healthy Mexican dishes, as well as a selection of 120 premium tequilas and delectable new cocktails, are on the menu.

Apart from shopping and enjoying free night activities, leave your bag and make the best out of your time with these things.

  • Madame Tussauds. 234 W 42nd St between 8th and 7th Aves. One can find over 200 wax figures of famous musicians, A-list stars, sports legends, world leaders at this world-famous wax figure attraction.

  • National Geographic Ocean Odyssey. 226 West 44th Street between 8th Avenue and 7th Avenue. Your simulated ocean voyage will feel natural thanks to photo-real animation, giant projection screens, and immersive sound. This is an excellent activity for families with children because there is a lot of interactive technology, such as touch screens, holograms, and games related to ocean conservation and research.

  • Bryant Park. It’s a green oasis in the heart of Midtown, is just one block from Times Square. Not only do they have a year-round schedule of activities for people of all ages, but they also have special children’s activities.

  • The New Victory Theater. The New Victory Theater in New York is only a full-time performing arts theatre dedicated to children and families. It is a Times Square-based off-Broadway theatre. The New Victory presents an entire theatre season, dance, circus, puppetry, opera, physical theater, and other performance art forms all year long.

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