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4.77 (710 отзывов)

Аэропорт Сан-Франциско, где оставить багаж?

Аэропорт Сан-Франциско - место, где вам нужна камера хранения? Мы можем помочь!

Если вы недавно выселились из квартиры или до заселения еще достаточно времени, то камеры хранения Qeepl – идеальный вариант для вас.

Выберите любую из наших локаций. Мы сотрудничаем с отелями, кафе, пунктами выдачи и магазинами, где вы можете оставить багаж на несколько часов или дней!

Qeepl - оставьте багаж рядом

Аэропорт Сан-Франциско – одно из самых посещаемых мест города Сан-Франциско, поэтому наши камеры хранения Qeepl расположены в шаговой доступности и стоят $4.90 за 24 часа хранения чемодана, рюкзака, пакета или сумки.

Вам больше не надо ехать на вокзал или в аэропорт, чтобы сдать вещи. Мы предлагаем более удобную и доступную альтернативу стандартным камерам хранения. Камеры хранения можно найти по всему городу Сан-Франциско. Посмотреть ближайшие локации, проверить наличие мест и забронировать удобную вам камеру хранения Qeepl можно уже сейчас за пару кликов!


Камера хранения багажа Аэропорт Сан-Франциско 2022

San Francisco International Airport is located 13 miles (21 kilometers) south of San Francisco’s downtown area. It serves destinations across North America and serves as a significant gateway to Europe and Asia.

After LAX, SFO is the busiest airport in California and the largest in the San Francisco Bay Area. In terms of passenger traffic, it was the 24th busiest in the world and the seventh busiest airport in the United States in 2017. SFO stands as the fifth-largest hub for United Airlines, with Terminal 3 and the International Terminal operations. San Francisco is the principal transpacific gateway of United. There is one international terminal and three domestic terminals at San Francisco Airport.

If you want to keep your things safe, you can have the Luggage Storage San Francisco Airport SFO. The luggage storage facility is located in the International Terminal of San Francisco Airport, at the Airport Travel Agency (SFO). However, please remember that storing Luggage San Francisco Airport (SFO) is quite expensive, and it is only beneficial if you need baggage storage for a limited time. With Qeepl’s luggage storage lockers, you can safely store your checked bag or any other luggage. Qeepl’s bag storage is affordable in comparison to the airport luggage lockers.

Parking Near and Transit Options

  • The airport offers parking garage facilities. You can also book your parking space.

  • BART to AirTrain: International Terminal Parking Garage G

  • Caltrain: Millbrae has a BART station.

  • Service to Palo Alto, the Peninsula, Downtown San Francisco, and San Mateo County is provided by SamTrans bus routes 399, 398, 397, 292, and 140.

Things to do Near San Francisco Airport (SFO)

Let us quickly look at a few things that we can do near San Francisco Airport (SFO)

  • Union Square has a wide range of retail stores and apparel boutiques, from Saks Fifth Avenue to H&M, to suit your shopping needs. Thus, if you’re searching for something different, try Ethos for eco-friendly clothes, accessories, and home goods, or Jeffrey’s Toys for the perfect present for your child back home.

  • Fisherman’s wharf is an awesome area to spend a free day or morning. You can enjoy good food, a variety of entertainment alternatives, and a lovely view. You can take the train straight from the airport to the wharf. And, yet it’s more exciting to get out at Union Square and complete the journey on one of San Francisco’s famous cable cars.

  • Travel to the top of Telegraph Hill in the North Beach area, where Coit Tower mesmerizes you with its beauty. It has the most incredible views of San Francisco and the adjoining waterways. Further, the elevator makes it a lot easier to get everyone to the top.

  • Consider walking across the Golden Gate Bridge if you have a whole day in San Francisco. This famous landmark, one of the world’s most well-known bridges, is easy to access by bus, and the approximately 2-mile walk affords stunning views of the bay.

Places to Eat Near San Francisco Airport (SFO)

Feeling hungry while strolling through these places, we have listed some of the most outstanding places for meals. Let us check them out.

Fil-Am Cuisine

Enjoy eating grilled meat skewers at this famous Filipino eatery, Fil-Am Cuisine. It serves delicious, hot, juicy, and gorgeously flame-kissed items.

Millbrae Pancake House

Millbrae Pancake House is a neighborhood favorite for a filling, inexpensive American-style breakfast. The house specialty is thin, crepe-like Swedish pancakes garnished with lingonberry butter.

New England Lobster Market & Eatery

The benefits of this New England Lobster Market & Eatery traditional seafood shop and restaurant are self-evident. Perhaps it is the Bay Area’s best rendition of a lobster roll with a unique Maine taste, which fans can get plain with only a drawn tub of butter on the accompaniment.


Wonderful is a good place for you to taste the local Chinese cuisines. It’s undoubtedly the flag reference for the Bay Area’s recent wave of Hunan eateries.

Multi-layered green onion pancake with enough various versions of Hunan’s famous smoked pork and hand-pulled noodles coated in a thick, spicy, meaty “godfather” sauce to warrant its dedicated area of the menu is among the menu’s standouts.

Need for Luggage Storage Lockers at San Francisco Airport (SFO)

The first point on your travel checklist should be luggage storage near San Francisco International Airport. San Francisco Airport is the busiest in the United States, even Luggage Storage San Francisco Airport (SFO)

Qeepl offers luggage storage near San Francisco International Airport and open pathways for a short city visit or a more extended trip. You wouldn’t want to lug your luggage along San Francisco’s major sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, and so on. Also, the SFO lockers are pricey in comparison to other bag storage lockers.

Bag storage near San Francisco Airport may make even the most tedious long layover more enjoyable. Stay at the airport to take advantage of the shopping and dining options available there, or venture out for a quick look at San Francisco.

So, whether you’re going on a walking tour of the city or attending a business meeting where luggage may be a hindrance, drop your bags safely with Qeepl instead of traditional luggage lockers near San Francisco airport and relax!

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