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Pulkovo Airport luggage storage 2022

Pulkovo is the only international airport in St. Petersburg, Russia. It stands just 19 kilometers from the city center and 9 kilometers from the Moskovskaya subway stop. Earlier it had two terminals, but after December 2013, it switched to a single terminal.

Saint Petersburg Pulkovo Airport acts as a gateway for Rossiya Airlines. Besides, it also serves other Russian airlines such as Smartavia, S7 Airlines, and Ural Airlines. Citizens of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast are its regular travelers. Pulkovo ranks as the twelfth most bustling airport in Europe, helping around 20 million passengers per year to travel. It has been awarded in 2014, 2015, 2019, and 2020 for its best service quality to its passengers.

The arrivals area is on the ground floor, featuring two passenger outlets. Domestic travelers depart on the left, while international tourists on the right.

The departures, which have about 400 check-in counters, are located on the second floor. You can check their website to have every piece of information of the planes, timings and other.

Are you visiting this place for the first time? If yes, then you must be wondering about taking a tour to see the panoramic views of the city. But you cannot as you are worried about your baggage. Well, Qeepl has a solution to it. If you are thinking about, “Where can I leave my luggage in Pulkovo airport?” then Qeepl is the best luggage storage service provider to rely on.

There is one parking lot (P1) and three-vehicle garages next to Terminal 1 (P2, P3, and P4). Stroll for about 10-15 minutes from the terminal, and you will reach the long-term parking area. Taking the airport shuttle service will be more convenient to get to these areas. The bus takes off every 15 minutes to and from the Pulkovo airport building.

The Capsule hotel is just about 1.3 km from Pulkovo Airport. The Moskovskaya metro station is 10 minutes away via car. Aeroport Pulkovo-1 is the nearest bus station.

For more parking information, click here.

The new Terminal 1 at the Russian airport in St. Petersburg (LED) operates domestic flights and international flights. It hosts a range of cafes and shopping malls, involving duty-free. McDonald’s and Burger, which remain open late, are good options for late-night meals.

Free wi-fi and mobile charging stations are also available for Pulkovo passengers. People traveling in the business class can pay to wait at any VIP lounge or hotel, some of which feature restrooms. In the ground transit zone, pre-paid taxis are up for rent. To pay for your transportation, go to the Taxi Pulkovo counters. The counters are on the first floor of the arrival hall. Before taking the cab, passengers will be given a ticket to hand to the taxi driver.

Pulkovo Airport has many restaurants to fill you with tasty meals. Here are a few places that you can try:

One of the most fantastic eating places near Pulkovo, BB& burgers has a variety of burgers on their menu. Don’t miss their mouth-watering hamburgers and Italian shawarma.

This is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves everything from breakfast to dinner. If you come here during easter, then make sure to leave the restaurant after taking a bite of Nordic’s cakes. It has an extensive menu for wine and seafood.

It’s the best steakhouse in Saint Petersburg. Their menu has various choices for steaks, cocktails, and grills. You can take your kids here as they have a separate steak menu for them.

Do you love pizzas? Then take a slice from this Pizza house. It has a mix of Italian and Georgian pizza menus. Make sure to get a strawberry tarragon lemonade with your pizza.

This restaurant takes the crown for offering the best healthy menu at affordable prices. Don’t forget to try their salmon with cream and parmesan, Broccoli pastries, and Cornichon chicken.

If you want to taste local dishes, then this is the perfect spot. They are famous for their Bruschetta, cabbage steak, fish soup, and Buckwheat pasta.

Pulkovo is full of beauties. Hand over your luggage to Qeepl’s luggage storage service near the Pulkovo airport and take a tour of these places.

The Catherine Palace and its Amber room is a must-see. It has a beautiful park with eye-catching work of Russian garden art that blends architectural masterpieces with breathtaking natural splendor. You will get interesting landscaping tips on this guided tour.

Visit Hermitage State Museum and discover a wonderful collection of world-renowned art and cultural relics. The museum exhibits treasures and antiques from every civilization the world has ever known. It includes the Black Sea region’s diverse selection of Iranian cutlery, old Egyptian statues, Scythian gold, Greek jewelry, and many more. Admire the Hermitage’s exquisite interior while hearing about its origins.

Enjoy a fascinating tour of the National Show Museum ‘Grand Market Russia’. It displays a one-of-a-kind miniature replica of Russia. It’s a lot of fun to see the model come to life with its realistic train and road traffic.

Summer Garden

Summer Garden is a picturesque tiny island in St. Petersburg, situated on the banks of the Fontanka River. Its lovely green tall trees and uncommon flower gardens dominate the landscape.

Behold the two main bridges spanning the Neva River being lifted right before your eyes. Look at the mesmerizing city lights if you come between May and June.

The museum exhibits a large diversity of Russian art. The masterpieces are something that you never would want to miss. After entering the exhibition hall, take a right turn on the 2nd floor. The place will surprise you!

You can take public transport such as a bus or boat tour to explore the entire city.

Getting a luggage storage facility is very important as you cannot drag your bag everywhere. You can spend an hour or a day exploring every corner of the city. Your baggage partner, Qeepl, will manage everything and take care of your suitcase.

You will enjoy your tour when you are entirely free from anything that can worry you. And being a traveler, your main problem must be your bags and their safety. But, you do not have to hesitate anymore to keep your luggage safe.

We provide a secure locker system that will keep your things till you return after your tour. Our services are budget-friendly and under total surveillance.

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