Earn extra income by storing luggage

Start a new revenue stream by storing travelers' bags

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How does it work?

Free registration, 24/7 support and total security

1. List Your Business

Join us online. It's 100% free and takes up to 3 minutes.

2. Receive Bookings

Once you're verified, you are ready to go. Travelers book online; you get the notification, they come to your place of business, and you store their bags

3. Get Paid

Regular monthly payments are made to your bank account or card per every stored bag, suitcase or backpack.


What you also get

1. Extra Revenue

By storing just 2 bags per day, you can earn more than $2,000 every year.

2. Foot traffic

30% - 50% of people who store bags through Qeepl make an in-store purchase.

3. Total Security

Our AI algorithm verifies every customer, and you get detailed information with each booking.