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4.77 (785 reviews)

Where to store luggage near New England Aquarium?

Are you looking for secure luggage storage near New England Aquarium? We understand how much you enjoy getting around Boston, so we want to make it as easy as possible for you!

Qeepl provides a practical and affordable solution for luggage storage near New England Aquarium. For $4.90 per 24h, you can store bag, suitcase, backpack or even jacket in one of our storage points in Boston, including several places near New England Aquarium.

Please choose from our network of hotels, boutiques, and stores, all accredited by the Qeepl team!

Book a luggage storage near New England Aquarium

Your Boston visit is about to end but your B&B or hotel does not allow you to store your suitcases after check-out? No problem! We have instructions for the last day of the most fantastic holiday you have ever had! Use our website or download the Qeepl app and book a place at our luggage storage point near New England Aquarium to enjoy your day!

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New England Aquarium luggage storage 2022

Whether it’s a solo or family fun-filled trip, the New England Aquarium in Boston is never a wrong decision. From the Indo- Pacific Coral Habitat to the Giant Ocean tanks home to Myrtle, this place is fascinating. And, of course, the adventure could never be perfect without interacting with the Penguins or the baby sharks at the nursery.

It’s little wonder why the place attracts over 1.2 million visitors on an annual basis.

And if you’ve just checked out of the hotel, it’s the perfect attraction to appease your upset and adventure craving toddlers or children. Or, if it’s just you or a group of friends, the Aquarium is the ideal way to end a trip surrounded by Atlantic rays, penguins, and sharks. But there’s one problem though: where do you store your bags?

Hauling luggage with you throughout your trip is a sure way to kill any excitement or adventure. It’s not only tiring, but the chances of you losing your stuff is high. This is where Qeepl comes in. With this app, you can find our storage luggage facilities in various hotels, shops, stores, and even bars!

Prices For Luggage Storage Areas Found Near Boston Aquarium

Numerous places around Boston Aquarium offer luggage storage services. The options are endless, from the Luggage Storage Long Wharf area to the Luggage storage in the Aquarium. However, some may charge you around $6 if you’re lucky, while others may charge $20 or more.

But with Qeepl, you can store your luggage for only $5.90 per day. And get this, there are no size restrictions when it comes to storage. A quick search using the online system, and you can quickly find a Luggage Storage Boston Aquarium near you.

Here are the locations near Boston Aquarium that you can store your luggage using Qeepl.

Nearby Airports. If you decide to work with the Airport directly, you may have to part with $28.

Boston Train stations. Most train stations will charge up to $15 for a few hours, whereas our luggage points allow you to save a good amount of money.

Where To Eat in Boston

Even with your luggage being taken care of, you still have other needs to cater to. Walking around on an empty stomach can reduce your energy levels and zap the fun out of any activity. And the last thing you want is to use up energy looking for a good restaurant.

To help save you some time and energy, below are the top place to eat that are close to Boston Aquarium.

Chart House Restaurant

A restaurant that offers a scenic view topped with mouth-watering seafood? Is it possible? Yes. Chart House Restaurant offers all the above and all for $30 and under.

State Street Provisions

With a 4.5-star rating, it’s easy to see why this one’s a crowd favorite. Boasting a comfortable space with a splash of rustic and contemporary interior decor, this restaurant offers ambiance and great-tasting food.

Granary Tavern

What used to be a historic grain mill is now a charm-filled two-floor restaurant. Their ambiance promises a time of fun while their menu offers tantalizing food and unlimited drinks. Whether you’re dropping by for brunch, lunch, dinner, or a short pause, Granary Tavern will sort you out.

Only a short distance from New England Aquarium, Legal Sea Foods offers top seafood cuisine. It even comes with an open kitchen, allowing you to watch your food as it gets cooked.

Other restaurants to consider include:

  • Finpoint
  • Waterline
  • Tia’s on the Waterfront
  • Charthouse
  • Joe’s Waterfront
  • Rowes Warf Sea Grille
  • Warehouse Bar and Grill

Best Tourist Attractions Near Boston Aquarium

If, after visiting the enchanting Boston Aquarium, you’re still up for another adventure, here are the top attractions to consider:

Boston Waterfront

If you’ve always wanted to experience a breathtaking view of the city’s skyline, then head on over to Boston Waterfront. It’s the perfect way to end a long adventurous day, but also a great way to start it off. And if you love photography, Boston Waterfront was built for you.

Rose Kennedy Greenway

Fountains, wine gardens, and green plants cover every inch of Rose Kennedy Greenway. The food trucks serve as the occasional pit stop for the desired energy boost and the carousel for an unforgettable experience for the kids.

Museum of Fine Arts

Currently, ranking as the fourth in America in terms of size, every piece of art inside it is sourced from across the globe. It offers a look inside different cultures through the various artifacts, jewelry, and other art pieces on display.

The Freedom Trail

It will take you at least five minutes to get here from New England Aquarium. Just a short distance of 0.7 miles, and you’ll be following a red brick path, learning the history of Boston.

Boston Common

Only 0.9 miles stand between you and the best picnic of your life. The Boston Common, located right next to the Public Garden, boasts colorful blooming flowers and flourishing willow trees. As if that’s not enough, you get to feed the ducks while gliding down an enchanting lake in a swan boat.

Faneuil Hall

The drive from Boston Aquarium to popular Faneuil Hall shouldn’t take longer than three minutes tops. It gets its name from the Quincy Market that once stood there, probably swarming with people like it is today.

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants to choose from. So, if you love sampling various delicacies and food items, grab a cab and head over there.

How To Get to The Aquarium in Boston

This specific Aquarium is located at 1 Central Wharf in Boston. This means that you can easily walk to get there if you’re in the Faneuil Hall area. Additionally, if you’re staying at a hotel in the Financial District, Government Center, or North End area, you can still walk.

If you’re a bit far, you can easily take a car, taxi, train, or boat. Using a cab would be faster and easier since you won’t have to worry about parking or directions.

Notably, there are several subways such as Blue Line, Red Line, Orange Line, and Green Line. If you’d rather travel by boat, you’ll want to consider commuter boat services from:

  • MBTA commuter boats
  • The Winthrop Ferry
  • The Salem Ferry

In conclusion, Boston Aquarium is worth every dollar. It’s fun for both adults and kids alike. And thanks to the numerous activities, restaurants, and places to see, no one has time to get bored. But to make sure that everyone has fun and doesn’t lose any of their belongings, use Qeepl.

With our app and website, you can find Luggage Storage areas near you, be it a hotel, a store, or a bar. And all at a great price!