One day trip to Boston?

Your journey through the states of New England began in Boston. A city that you just have to like. It is the capital of Massachusetts and also the oldest and largest metropolis in the New England states. Living here costs a lot of money - Boston is a very affluent city, hence one of the most beautiful cities on the east coast. Perfect for a short break, but also made for spending a few more days as a visitor (if you have the time).

Travelers spend an average of $ 40 per day on meals and $ 28 on local transportation. Also, the average price for a couple of hotels in Boston is $ 265.

back bay boston

This historic district of Boston is a must - strolling through the streets lined with Victorian brownstone houses is a must.

To get the best overview here, you can visit the Boston Skywalk Observatory, which is located on the 50th floor of the Prudential Center. The observatory was actually one of our absolute highlights in the city. The $20 entry is definitely worth the view. Especially when the sun is shining you can see the airport and the sea from here, Boston Common Park is not far and the direct view of Back Bay and Beacon Hill is breathtaking. To the west you look directly at Fenway Park, the famous baseball stadium of the Boston Red Sox.

Downtown Financial district Boston

The Freedom Trail also leads past Faneuil Hall - the oldest building in Boston, built in 1742. A lot of American skill has taken place here. From independence to Britain to the abolition of slavery, Faneuil Hall has always been the hub of influential people’s gatherings. It belongs to the Quincy Market, an equally historic building that is now also used as a market hall, with old-fashioned small shops and food stalls. Likewise, the South Market next door. You weren’t in Boston if you didn’t walk through here.

There is also a great Christmas store there, which sells beautiful and unusual Christmas items all year round.

The Old State House is often photographed - here, you can take a tour of the historic house for $ 10 and see the American Revolution through the eyes of those who were there back then.

Waterfront boston

From here, there are also various providers of whale watching tours - you take a boat out to sea to see whales in their natural environment (prices from $ 50). In bad weather, these will not be carried out.

A good alternative, however, is the Boston Harbor Cruise - you can choose between a 45-minute or 90-minute Historic Sightseeing Tour and then get a “city tour” on the water. The islands and places around Boston are also worth a visit. Without the CityPass, the price is around $ 30.

Dorchester Boston Neighborhood

In the north of the Dorchester area, not only the University of Boston has a large area, the JFKennedy Presidential Library and the associated Museum can also be visited there. There are even a few free parking spaces for visitors to the museum - but get there early. Entry is $ 14 for adults.

If you like Italian food, lunch at an Italian restaurant in Boston is $ 26. The cost of a meal at Boston Pizza Place is $ 33. Meals at a Mediterranean restaurant: $ 38.

If you are looking for fast food, you can visit a fast food restaurant. In Boston, a meal for two would cost about $ 27.

Mexican food has many lovers. Lunch at a Mexican restaurant costs $ 24.

boston luggage storage

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If you are in Boston for a day, you can get the Boston CityPass. This includes the New England Aquarium, the Museum of Science, the Skywalk Observatory and either the Harvard Museum of Natural History or a Boston Harbor Cruise.

The trolley tour is also perfect for an initial overview. There’s a bit of history on top and you can get on and off when and where you want. For a complete tour, you should allow about 1.5-2 hours, as the trolley has to fight its way through the Boston traffic. Adult prices are around $40.