Top 10 apps for tourists


Beach weather, currency converters, translators, travel guides, electronic “sun protection”, and much more - smartphones such as iPhone or Android cell phones are great helpers, especially during the holidays. We present the best 10 tourist apps that you should absolutely download onto your phone before leaving. We wish you a nice “holiday”!

Trip Advisor is a must-have app when traveling. It’s a database of over 350 million traveler reviews and comments that you can access.

Free and easy to use, the application not only allows you to find the best hotel, plane and restaurant deals but also to have access to ideas for outings to do at your destination. The forum function is very practical; it allows you to ask questions to the community.

More than 300 cities are available. As the application uses your location, it is preferable to have GPS access to make the most of it.

Trip Advisor

Qeepl is a luggage storage network that is flexible, convenient, and affordable. You can have your luggage stored for a few hours or a few days with no size restrictions.

This will enable you to reserve the best locations in the city of your choice to store your luggage for only $ 5.90 per day/luggage.

We don’t want your luggage to keep you from sightseeing. That’s why storing your luggage with Qeepl is safe, easy and reliable.

Qeepl Luggage Storage

Among the more special travel apps is Flush. By activating the GPS, this app will show you where the nearest toilets are. Another similar app is Sit or Squat, although this one is mostly suited for the United States. This type of emergency will no longer be a problem if you have these two great allies.


Photosynth is one of the hottest travel apps around. These days, it seems essential to record every minute and every experience so that it can be posted on social media. Thanks to this application, we can create incomparable photographic compositions with an angle of 360º. To achieve its objective, this software analyzes several photographs of the same landscape, and between all these, it creates a three-dimensional model.


SAS Survival Guide is one of the most original travel apps. Designed by a former British Army soldier, it offers hundreds and hundreds of survival tips. While you probably won’t find yourself in such an emergency, sometimes these tips can be helpful. You will at least have the opportunity to know what to do in different situations.

SAS Survival Guide

Among all the apps out there, Wikitude Drive is one of the most popular travel apps. It is particularly suitable for those who do not speak the local language of the city they are visiting and for people who prefer not to interact with someone or who do not like to ask questions.

Thanks to it, you will have the possibility to know more about what surrounds you. Just use your cell phone camera and the app will locate where you are and give you relevant information about everything around you. Shops, vending machines, hotels and everything you could possibly need.

Wikitude Drive

Are you one of those people who like to know the language of the country they are visiting? Duolingo is an app that makes your job easier. It includes short lessons and lots of games so you can learn to speak, read and write a language quickly. With a little persistence, you will be able to come up with simple sentences in a very short time.


If planning isn’t your strong suit, TripIt is one of the travel apps that may interest you the most. By allowing access to your inbox, it will collect all your confirmation emails and create simple and very convenient routes for you. It also includes maps.


The last of our travel apps is Touchnote. If you like to send postcards to your friends and family when you are traveling, with this cool app you will be able to create your own designs from photos you have taken yourself. The cost of sending is very similar to buying a postcard and paying for the stamp. In addition, the operation is simple, just enter the application and add text and an address to the selected image.


XE Currency’s excellent currency converter app is all you need when you need prices and exchange rates abroad. The app supports virtually all national currencies in use around the world, with the ability to track up to 10 currencies simultaneously.

The rates are updated regularly (you can set the frequency of updates), and most importantly, the app stores the rates of the currencies you have viewed, so that they are always available offline, even away from the Wi-Fi or mobile connection.

XE Currency

With this selection of travel apps, you can make the most of your time during your next vacation. Everything you could need is always available from your mobile phone.